Testimonials from our happy customers

Ashlie Brittain

 I had a very good experience meeting and picking up my puppy! They are very nice people!!! Would definitely recommend Harmony Acres to anyone looking for a Great Pyrenees pup!!!! 

Bruce & Amanda Hopkins

 Had an absolutely wonderful experience with the Harmony Acres family! We took home 2 puppies and they are absolute angels - they were well loved, healthy and happy - and that translated to their well being in their new home!

Highly recommend!! A lovely family that passes on their love and pride in their puppies, which makes them priceless additions to their new homes!! 

Jennifer Phillips

 We love our puppy from Harmony Acres Farms. I have shared the website with multiple friends already. The puppy is so calm and gentle, he is honestly the perfect puppy for my small children. He came home in excellent health (very plump so you can tell he's always been fed well), no fleas or worms etc. I would recommend one of these dogs to anyone who wants a Great Pyrenees 

Jack Tessier

 We have been extremely happy with our puppy from Harmony Acres!!  The family is so wonderful, so dedicated to providing the best for their dogs, and the puppies seem very well cared for and well adjusted.  Our little Koda has acclimated very well to our little farm, and is gradually getting used to all of our other pets and livestock, which he will someday guard.  He quickly picked up many commands, and has become best buddies with our older dog.  He was housebroken in a matter of days, and  his calm demeanor is a huge plus.  When outside, he sticks right around the house, and has befriended all the neighbors and their dogs.  He is a huge hit around here!  Thanks so much for our awesome new addition!  We look forward to many years of farm life with him by our side! :) 

Justin6 Koeck


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Erin Pulles

 We had a wonderful experience here. Our puppy Layla, is a really beautiful dog. She has a gorgeous stance, and she is healthy and has been a wonderful asset to our family. I was specifically looking for a Great Pyrenees as I have a son with special needs and I needed a very gentle, protective and playful breed. I truly think the owners are concerned about the health of their puppies and I am grateful we found this place!