Frequently Asked Questions

Just a suggestion



As the puppies get older, the demand for them goes up. We highly suggest you reserve one, before someone else beats you to it.

Reserving a puppy ?

You can reserve a puppy by calling us and we will send a Paypal request that you have 48 hours to respond too, a 50% retainer needs to be made before the time has expired. If the retainer is not made the hold falls off.  A 2nd hold by the same buyer is not allowed without same day payment. 

What forms of payment do we take ?

 We offer PayPal request where you can pay by checking account or credit  card, we accept check or cash before pickup, however on day of pickup,  we only accept cash or credit card.  Any cards used come with a convenience fee. 

What is your return policy ?

Return any of our puppies in good condition–no questions asked–within 3 days of purchase. For a full refund minus any fee at time of sale. 

Are the puppies 100% Great Pyrenees ?

Yes, & No. That depends on the Sire or Dame mix we have on premises. 

Why no vaccinations ?

We believe the vaccinations today are more harmful then good.  But don’t take our word for it, Please do the research for yourself. We do the ones required by law.

When is my puppy ready for pickup ?

The Mommies are done weaning the puppies in 8 weeks.  Pickups are after that period.. 

What starter food are the puppies on ?

Taste of the Wild puppy food… 

Have they been de-wormed ?

We use Molly’s all natural herbals,

Will you ship a puppy ?

Only on a case by case basis… We prefer to meet you in person….