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Our Approach

Here at Harmony acres, we believe that raising a good dog, calls for raising them with good food and making sure that from day one, they get the best nutrition we can possibly give them. Therefore we leave it up to the owner to choose what is best for the dog, once they are given the ownership. We feed our female only certified organic food during and after the pregnancy, and once the puppies are old enough to eat solid foods, they also are put on the same organic food.
The reasoning behind this is fairly simple, you give the dog good, wholesome food that works with their body, and gives them the good solid nutrition that they need, and you’ll be raising a dog that has a very healthy immune system from a young age. If we truly are what we eat, then the thought is to put only good things in, so that the dog(s) body can cope with whatever it is given.

We want the best for the puppies and adults, therefore we don’t put anything into the dogs that is not organic in nature


Our Story

We are a family farm near Culpeper, Virginia that does a variety of things, including turkeys and an occasional batch of chickens but mainly focuses on raising Great Pyrenees and their puppies. We only have a litter per year to offer, so please let us know if you would like a fur-ever friend.  We moved to the area in 2013 and couldn't be happier to be here. We are a Christian family of nine that homeschools our children. 


Meet The Current Team


Our great overgrown teddy bear as we fondly refer to him as, has fathered several litters so far. Mostly white with light  markings on his ears, he is the best dog you could ask for. If you pat your chest he will give you a hug, so he really is a teddy bear!  We have breed Bear many times and he always gives many puppies.  You can book his services on the Stud Breeder Page.


Our sweet female is absolutely, hands down, the best mother you could ask for. Christened ‘Patience’, her nickname is Patie-Lady,  which befits her well as she is a very lady like in all her doings. All  white with no markings at all she has a very regal look. We have one other female on site as well (from her first litter), and she has  proven to be a very good coach and trainer, teaching her from day one  what being a good dog means. 

Mother to Jubilee and Serenity. 


Is an all white female, she has had several litters here on the farm. Her sister and mother are on the farm as well. Jubilee is a very good mother over her pups.  She is very loving and loyal to us .  One of her pups went to be trained as a therapy dog. 


Was born to a litter from Connecticut, and came to us in May 2019. He is built very tall and regal like, and is pure white. We have used him as a father and he was very gentle and kind to his puppies. He is very good with our livestock, watching over them like a hawk....and keeping the hawks away! To sum up, he is a very gentle, loving dog!


Came to us from a farm here in VA as a puppy, and has proved to be a very ready and eager pupil. She by far was the easiest to train, and knows a good number of tricks. In November of 2019, she became a mother for the first time, and was a very diligent and wonderful mother. She by far exceeded the expectations you have of a first time mother. Her puppies tend to be smart and friendly, and just like their mother, wag that tail non-stop!


Was born here on the farm in November of 2019, to Kody and Victory.  He is an all white male.

As far as personality goes, he is very devoted to his family and especially to the man of the house. He had a bit of a rocky start as a puppy but, has pulled through and shown a remarkable spirit of endurance. Like all Great Pyrenees, he shows at times his independence, but all in all he is a spunky, little gentle-dog!


is very much like her name suggests peaceful, calm, serene.   

She is the favorite of our friends when they visit for her lovey dovey personality. Her first litter was one of fourteen, the biggest litter we have ever had!


Daughter to Serenity and Bear, (see the family resemblance?) She was born here on the farm in June of 2019. Very much like her mother in looks and personality, (apple doesn't fall far, now does it?) she was the only female here we were able to teach to speak. She likes to sing, (we'll just call it that...) and that was the reason she was called Melody (Or was it because it stuck?) Anyway! She has brought a lot of spunk, and dare I say, vibrancy to this farm!


Meet The Retired Team


Father to Serenity and Jubilee, was re-homed to a guy in Maryland, who says Shepherd will only listen to him!



Was re-homed to a goat farm as a livestock guardian dog. Had one litter with Jubilee. 


Was re-homed to a great family who cooks her homemade food everyday!

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